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Alison Simpson

Intuitive Naturopath Author

I’m passionate about emotional happiness, physical health, spiritual awareness and family well-being.

Over the many decades I have always been drawn to natural medicine for family health.  I wear many hats; Mother, Naturopath, Fitness Trainer, Writer and Tarot Reader.  I have found that by listening to your inner wisdom you will follow your true path.

There are no perfect diets or perfect exercise routines that one size fits all, be guided by your heart and uniqueness.  You may have to slow down and be still to hear your inner wisdom speaking to you.

What I do and how I do it

Experienced in
Bach flower essence remedies
and naturopathic family health

1 in 5 Australians suffer with anxiety or depression every year, that was before our 2020 lock-downs came into effect. Eighteen months later, the collateral damage to society’s mental wellbeing is on the rise. The Bach Flower Essences offer a natural, safe and gentle solution to soothe the sufferer of any emotional pain.

Our Dispensary-Shop offer 38 Bach Flower Essences to select from.  Personally choose your desired healing essences for your unique Remedy Mix and we will ship it to you immediately, within Australia. If you require help in selecting your Remedy Mix, send us an inquiry on the Contact Page.  Personal consultations online or by phone are available.

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