38 Bach Flower Essences

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Dr Edward Bach, born in England in 1886, pioneered the link between emotional disharmony and illness.  Dr Edward Bach’s 38 homeopathic flower essences were designed as a self-help system.  He educated his patients on the high vibrational qualities of each flower to enable individual responsibility to participate in their unique healing journey.

The following 38 Bach Flower Essences are listed alphabetically with a description to help you select your essences for your own Remedy Mix Bottle.

CREATE YOUR OWN by selecting up to 7 flower essences that resonate personally to your current unique health conditions (emotionally-mentally-physically).  Once you have created your own Remedy mix, select those flower essences which are listed in the Dispensary Shop.  Your personal Bach Flower Essence Remedy Mix will be dispensed and dispatched to you immediately.

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Read more on specific Bach flower essences below or contact Alison for diagnosis and application help. 

AGRIMONY the honesty flower

Hiding inner worries of unhappiness with a cheerful face. Having a façade ‘shop front’ of joyfulness keeping feelings of anxiety and stress well hidden from the outside view. People in need of this remedy may use drugs, alcohol, comfort eating or excessive socializing to deaden the inner torment. These people prefer not to be alone. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Agrimony will ease the inner pain by becoming more open to communicate real feelings. The genuine happiness will then come from a place of self-acceptance with inner joy by allowing problems to be kept in perspective

ASPEN the psychic flower

Unspecific fear, not knowing where or why there are feelings of apprehension or uneasiness. Trembling with fear or feeling nervous about a pending danger of unknown origin. Young children may be fearing nightmares, monsters or darkness with no basis to their fear. Unconscious anxiety. Sleep walkers, talking in sleep. Having a subconscious antenna of other realms and people’s energy. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Aspen will allow you to proceed with fearlessness and confidence. Access higher spiritual spheres by gaining insight into subtle planes of consciousness.

BEECH the tolerance flower

Judgmental, prejudiced and critical of others. Feeling annoyed or upset with the way other people act, behave or speak. Being intolerant of others and may have petty reactions to others’ ‘stupidity’. Judgment can also be focused on self, self-criticism. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Beech will promote a gentle understanding and lenience of others. Being able to tolerate personality types different to yours by respecting their strengths and weaknesses. Showing good judgment in less than perfect situations.

CENTURY the service flower

Usually timid and quiet personalities, finding it hard to say no, always wanting to please others. Often denying own wishes to avoid confrontation. Easily influenced by other peoples’ wishes and can be bullied or taken advantage of by their caring nature. May often feel tired lacking energy as they have become drained by others. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Century will allow active service to others releasing passive service by staying true to your inner truth. Being able to say no when the service does not match your higher self. Becoming aware of your own personal needs to live well without being a doormat for others.

CERATO the intuition flower

Looking for outside advice or information rather than using own intuition. Dismisses inner wisdom by following fads, diets and the latest exercise trends rather than deciding what is right for self. Excessive thirst for information and knowledge from authority figures but doesn’t use it. Always looking for ‘answers’ from other sources/people. Not trusting own judgment. Avoids making mistakes by following other people’s opinions. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Ceratowill ease the burden of seeking outside knowledge by listening to inner wisdom gaining clarity by trusting self. Enabling decisiveness to follow true vocation with inner certainty and peace. Becoming intuitive and interested in forming your own opinion, then standing by your own decision. Be the master of your destiny not leaving it to chance by following other people’s opinions.

CHERRY PLUM the openness flower

Fear of losing control and exploding with anger or violence. At the end of being able to hold it all together, feeling unable to cope a minute longer, before wanting to burst into verbal or physical rage. Feeling hysterical and afraid of acting impulsively in a negative manner. Fear of losing your sanity and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Cherry Plum will enhance courage, strength and composure. Becoming calm and rational being able to gain insight into spiritual development. To be able to act and think rationally with a calm mind.

CHESTNUT BUD the learning flower

Repeating the same mistakes, not learning from past failures. Assuming a childish behavior in defiance of one’s higher self-awareness. Being attracted to the same type of unsuitable partner or unsuitable job. Not learning from experience and making a conscious effort to change current circumstances for a happier future. Children may be unable to pay attention to learning new skills. Repeating the same arguments, same accidents or the same dis-eases over-and-over again, never learning how to change the negative life pattern. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Chestnut Bud will connect the inner thoughts with the outer materialization of living life. With this ability a wider perspective will enable the sufferer to learn from past experiences, being able to change what is needed to create a more positive outcome. Life will become more enjoyable.

CHICORY the motherliness flower

Emotionally demanding of attention. Overly caring and controlling trying to make yourself indispensable. Sometimes forcing good deeds on others but expecting something in return. Manipulative and needy. Often correcting and criticizing others. Emotional blackmail. Find it hard to forgive or forget. Sometimes ‘escaping’ into an illness for sympathy and attention. Ingratitude from others may cause you great grief. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Chicory will allow you to give love without expecting anything in return. Caring and devoting self in the care of others freely. Becoming kind and sensitive to oneself whilst offering security and protection to others.

CLEMATIS the reality flower

Dreamy, lost in thought or absentminded. Day dreaming and inattentive. Living in own fantasy world not being interested in present situation. Wandering through other realms not feeling grounded in day to day tasks. Often appearing confused or unfocused having a dreamy gaze. In need of a lot of sleep. No interest in listening to others. Creatively gifted but not brought into fruition. Imaginative, eccentric but awkward in life generally. In aging may develop hearing and visual problems due to preferencing inner world thinking than outer world living. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Clematis brings the potential of realizing creative gifts. Becoming grounded to enjoy new interests in the physical world. Being a visionary, you can now put your visions into action. You will be able to use your gifts of knowing shape, colour, sound and aroma to serve others for a beautiful world.

CRAB APPLE the cleansing flower

Over cleaning self and environment. Having obsessive compulsive disorders requiring perfection, flawlessness and order. Anxiety from all forms of dirt, bacteria, insects, pets and humans. Breastfeeding and kissing may feel unclean. Being afraid of foods that may be not clean, afraid of pollution and public toilets. Being over-concerned with the detail rather than stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Crab Apple will cleanse the body and mind to become accepting of oneself and the environment with all its imperfections. Releasing the focus on minor issues to calmly allow the broader perspective in living life.

ELM the responsibility flower

Temporary feeling of inadequacy due to being overwhelmed with responsibility and duty to oneself or others. The usual confident coping skills of managing or being responsible for others has become too much to carry. Sudden feelings of mental weakness in carrying out usual duties. Community leaders may have responded to the needs of others and self with confidence but over time more work has been taken on that has now become too great. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Elm will restore normal capable personality. Then the problems will be seen with appropriate perspective enabling tasks to be re-evaluated or delegated to others. To feel self-assured and confident to follow inner callings as a positive natural leader.

GENTIAN the belief flower

Small setbacks may cause feelings of devastation. Easily discouraged and may give up when unexpected difficulties arise. Discouraged with small road blocks in your life journey. Becoming very despondent sometimes turning into depression when things go wrong for you. Pessimistic, often thinking the worse-case scenario. Lacking confidence or having any faith makes you feel insecure. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Gentian will give you resistance to your setbacks by learning how to change your view and find solutions. Despite difficult circumstances you will believe all discomfort happens for a reason bringing you enlightenment to have confidence in overcoming all that comes your way.

GORSE the hope flower

For people who have simply given up the fight to change circumstances or get better from an illness. They may seek many therapists in search of a solution to appease their family to assure them there is no hope. Complete despair of a situation or chronic disease. Totally resigned to having ‘the illness’ or ‘situation’ with no thought of ever being able to be healed. Drag a horse to water but can’t make it drink. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Gorse will light the way for you to see opportunities for positive outcomes in difficult situations. You will be assured it’s never too late to make a new start. You will have the confidence to inspire others in similar situations.

HEATHER the loneliness-identity flower

Self-absorbed with own issues unable to listen to other people’s issues. Dislikes being alone. Always wanting someone to talk to about personal matters. Wants to always be centre of attention. May come from a family where as a child was emotionally under-nourished. Finding it difficult to listen to others. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Heather you will have inner peace to be able to listen to other people’s needs. Your past suffering will provide you with the ability to empathize and care for those in need that you want to help.

HOLLY the heart-opening flower

There may be no known cause for ill-feelings of anger or jealousy. Being easily annoyed and may act in an aggressive or unfriendly manner. Acting bad-tempered or discontented but not knowing why. Often expect negative feelings behind anything that is said being suspicious. With this inner hatred or anger laugh at a funeral or cry at someone’s good luck. Children who have sudden outbursts of anger and rage. Sibling rivalry. This may come from feelings of insecurity. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Holly will think from your heart with love. Have goodwill towards others. Feel happy at the success or achievement of others. Living with generous compassion of whole-heartedness. Experiencing a loving hug from the universe that you are safe and secure with love.

HONEYSUCKLE the past flower

Homesickness and nostalgia. Living in the past rather than the now. For people who often talking about ‘the good old days’ reminiscing wanting those days back. Hanging onto past-memories and experiences either positive or negative. For those unable to release bereavement of a lost loved one. May have regrets of the past but unable to change as they constantly experience the past-memories. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Honeysuckle will release the burdensome past- memory to live in the present moment. You will know the past, take the lessons, learning from experience to live in the now. Progressing forward into your future with no regrets.

HORNBEAM the vitality flower

The physical or mental burden of carrying on with life’s tasks. Having no strength to continue. Procrastination and lacking enthusiasm to continue-on with a project, work, study or to get well from an illness. Feeling bored or uninspired. Being on a merry-go-around with no joy. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Hornbeam will provide certainty and strength to one’s ability to continue. Life will become enjoyable again with a bounce in your step of vitality and happiness as you go about your normal routines. Your energy will return to complete your tasks with mental clarity.

IMPATIENS the time flower

For those who feel irritated by the slowness of themselves or others. Needing tasks to be completed instantly with no hesitations. People who speak, act or think quickly, often finishing other people’s sentences. Independent people who prefer to work alone going at their own speed, so they are not delayed by other people’s slowness. When ill they are restless or get irritated preferring a quick fix result. In their haste may succumb to accidents. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Impatiens will be calm and respectful of other’s slowness. Allow things to follow their natural course without frustration. Be a quick thinker and spontaneous with a relaxed and diplomatic gentleness. Having calm and patience to keep projects rolling forward but allowing empathy for those who are slower.

LARCH the self-confidence flower

Inferiority and lacking in one’s own ability. Having low expectations of self and always placing self-worth lower than anyone else. Low self-esteem. Using illness as an excuse to avoid a problem or situation. Never trying anything new in believing unable to achieve success. Having a job role that is below your capabilities. Expressing modesty due to lacking confidence. Avoiding risks of failure. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Larch will instill belief in self to achieve your goals. Become unworried about success or failure whilst pursuing your objectives. Being able to take risks. Feeling determined and capable to develop personal talents by taking your rightful place in life.

MIMULUS the bravery flower

Fearing of everyday life specific things; dark, pain, finances, people, animals, disease, death, accidents, food, public speaking, job or losing friends. These fears may be hidden within as you go about your daily tasks. Feelings of dread quietly eating away from the inside out. Blushing, stammering, nervous laughter, sweaty palms or getting tongue tied. Shy and timid. At any given moment there is always something that you are afraid of. Inner tension causing anxiety and phobias. Being hypersensitive to anything; cold, noise, voices, smells. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Mimulus will enable the sufferer to stand up with personal courage. Emotions are under control without fear enabling life enjoyment. Having humour and confidence to get involved with your next task.

MUSTARD the light flower

A sudden fall into depression or sadness without any known cause. Crying easily. Not wanting to do anything. Feeling numb and unable to enjoy anything. Unable to lift this mood with logical thinking. Being at the mercy of the gloomy feeling. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Mustard will lift you out of the gloom to experience joy and inner stability of peace. Allowing the ebb and flow of life with an inner calm knowing all is well.

OAK the endurance flower

Keep on keeping on, Oak people are pillars of society and driven by duty to others. Unable to rest due to unflagging duty. Will continue working beyond capabilities when feeling tired ignoring their bodies to rest and rejuvenate. Workaholics who struggle on in the face of adverse health conditions. The sense of failure when ill may lead to depression or frustration. Illness or an accident is how these people are forced to stop over-working. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Oak will enable you to fulfill your duties with strength and vigor by recognizing your personal needs to rest for rejuvenation. Finding the balance of work-life to maintain physical and mental wellness. Knowing your limits. Having the ability to skillfully manage stressful or difficult tasks with creativity.

OLIVE the regeneration flower

Convalescence. After experiencing a long-term illness, lengthy study patterns or chronic personal issue. Feelings of complete exhaustion with no ounce of energy left to face the day. Tiring very easily. No joy in usual pastimes. Requiring a lot of sleep but wake unrefreshed. Body is operating in robotic mode just to survive. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Olive will bring back strength and vitality. Listening to your inner guidance for restoring the bodies energy. Have peace of mind when forced to remain inactive that you are taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing. No longer running on empty. Restoration of your usual passion for life.

PINE the self-acceptance flower

Just blame ‘me’, always believing any mistake by self or other’s will be accepted as own fault. Can be very hardworking but feels there is always room for improvement or could have tried harder is the feeling of never being good enough. Feelings of guilt. This is a feeling of being unworthy or undeserving. The word ‘sorry’ is often used to excuse themselves before they start talking as if they are shameful for speaking. Being apologetic believing they may deserve pain or illness. Willing to sacrifice your own needs before everyone else. Unable to forgive self and continue blaming self for past events. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Pine gives you respect and acceptance of self. It will allow you to have realistic and sound judgment of self dis-engaging the old negative patterns of guilt. You will feel worthy of being loved and human. You will be able to accept praise and gifts from others guilt-free.

RED CHESTNUT the cutting-free flower

Extreme selfless concern for the welfare of others, usually a family member or close friend. Anticipating worse case scenarios becoming fearful and very stressed worrying that something serious will happen to them. For example, a plane crash, car crash, disease or unhappiness. Obsessive over-concern by those who identify their role as a caretaker thus becoming unconsciously enmeshed in the psychic space of another. Fearful anticipation of problems for others. POSITIVE POTENTIAL for Red Chestnut will give you the ability to radiate calm loving thoughts towards your loved ones. Pulling back into your own sphere of consciousness cutting the cord of excessive concern for others. You will be able to care for others with compassion without feeling anxious. Being calm in emergencies, having empathy without taking on the sorrow as your own. Releasing your loved one to have autonomy by respecting and balancing your own wellbeing.

ROCK ROSE the liberation flower

Absolute terror, near escape from death. Upon waking from an extreme night mare. Witnessing or being in an accident. Feelings of being in an acute threat or frozen in fear. Paralysis. A sudden life-threatening illness that is made the patient terrified or frightened. Panic or over-react with feelings of helplessness. Anxiety quickly escalates into a panic attack. Fear of death or annihilation. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Rock Rose will give you courage mobilizing your inner strength to overcome the crisis-situation. The ability to save others whilst meeting the tremendous challenges with self- transcending strength. Restoring your courage with inner peace and tranquility.

ROCK WATER the flexibility flower

Inflexible people who set very high standards which can be self-denying the joys of life. Strict narrow concepts of behavior, often with restrictive and mechanical schedules for life patterns. Restricting growth due to un-critically following other people’s patterns for living. Having dogmatic beliefs that deny pleasures in living. Self-imposed discipline to maintain high standards to the detriment of a balanced fun life. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Rock Water is to hold high ideals with a flexible mind. To become in touch with the emotional part of life having more flow for the feeling of life. Develops inner flexibility when presented with new theories. The fun inner child will have more room in your life. Relying on your inner guidance for living life with balance.

SCLERANTHUS the balance flower

Indecisiveness between two choices. Lacking balance the body will have energy then apathy, be hot then cold, sad then happy. Often this imbalance will continue with the sufferer experiencing moods of crying or laughing or having optimism then pessimism. The inner conflict of two choices. Changeable outlooks and uncertainty making them unreliable to their friends or family. Quiet people bearing their inner difficulty alone as they are reluctant to discuss with others. Unstable and nervous. Jumpy like a grasshopper. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Scleranthus will allow decisiveness and balance in all circumstances. You will be able to make quick decisions and act promptly. Focus and concentration will increase. Clarity and purpose. Reconnecting with higher self for inner guidance.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM the comfort flower

For those who have experienced a mental or physical shock from an accident, news, bereavement or a fright. The after effects might not be felt immediately but may manifest years later in the form of physical symptoms of numbness or becoming withdrawn feeling grief or loss. Unable to accept comfort from others. Feelings of shock or sadness from an unhappy experience. Carrying an old wound unable to release those feelings. Acting slowly as if sedated. Repeated nightmares. Highly sensitive being easily bruised both mentally and physically. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Star of Bethlehem will neutralize the effects of shock enabling the sufferer to recover both mentally and physically from the experience. This insight will enable you to deal with your emotional experiences for your own personal development. Then be able to comfort others of similar experiences.

SWEET CHESTNUT the deliverance flower

Feeling there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Having expired all energy with no hope of replenishing without help from another. Having reached the end of your limit you feel the burden is too great to endure a moment longer. You may feel God has abandoned you as you suffer intensely. Feeling lost, isolated and very lonely. Extreme mental anguish. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Sweet Chestnut will liberate you from despair. Optimism and peace will come from recovering your faith in your higher self to handle extreme situations without harming your Soul. You will have the inner power to let go or take action at the right time.

VERVAIN the enthusiasm flower

Having fixed principles and ideas believing they are always right. Highly strung and over-achieving always giving 150%. Extremely intense or very enthusiastic. Wanting to convert others to your beliefs. You believe you know what is right for others. Strong willed and strong views that sound fanatical. Becoming annoyed or incensed over matters of injustice. Finding it difficult to do less, always wanting to do more. Don’t know when to stop and rest. Children may be hyperactive not wanting to go to bed at night. Muscle tension, eye strain and headaches. Nervous exhaustion. Overbearing, intolerant and impatient. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Vervain will become wise, calm, tolerant and able to relax using appropriate amounts of energy wisely. Have respect of other ideas. Be able to inspire others without imposing personal beliefs. Live with a broader view of life. Everything will not need to be completed in one day.

VINE the authority flower

Having your way at any price. Feels the best person for the job to lead. Sometimes bullying or aggressive behavior in search of power to rule. Inflexible with other people’s opinion, your opinion is the only one that matters, narrow- mindedness. Instilling fear in others. Your always right. My way or the highway. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Vine will see good in others, accepting that they have rights to be heard. You will be able to guide others without dominating them. Your natural leadership gift can be utilized by being understanding and wise to help others walk their own path.

WALNUT the midwife flower

Easily influenced by the beliefs or values of others; family, friends, community. Inability to move forward or change a situation. Being held back with old habits or patterns. Highly sensitive to other people’s opinions which faulters your decisions in following your own life path. Making major life changes, job, house, family, study, friends, bereavement, aging, teething, puberty, pregnancy, birth, marriage, divorce, menopause, religion, retirement, diet or addiction. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Walnut will draw the line in the sand, link breaking, releasing the historical attachment, so the new step forward can be taken. Releasing the influences (other peoples’ ideas) that held you back from following your life journey. You will have inner inspiration to live with your true potential taking positive steps forward.

WATER VIOLET the communication flower

Detached, enjoys own company. Proud, quiet and private people. Speaks gently and quietly. Can appear condescending, arrogant, aloof or superior quality. When tired will retreat avoiding external distractions. May be viewed as an anti-social behaviour. Dislikes revealing their true inner world to others. Maintains a stiff upper lip rather than cry in company. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Water Violet will be independent but having balance and understanding. You will feel inclusive being able to have warmer relationships whilst maintaining your dignity and serenity. Your talents serving others with your wisdom and empathy will help many. Feeling compassion towards others will bring you much joy in experiencing the human connection.

WHITE CHESTNUT the thought flower

Replaying events mentally. Persistent and unwanted thoughts continuously fly around in your headspace. Mental arguments busily over-thinking. Constant worry and anxiety through busy mind gaming, causing mental torture. Finding it difficult to fall asleep due to busy mind. Low concentration or inattentive during the day from constant worry. Headspace full of nonsense. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of White Chestnut will calm the mind. The headspace will clear bringing mental quietness. The worry will be replaced with trust. Only when you have mental peace will you be able to find your solutions. Your inner guidance will have a voice that can be heard when all the mental clutter has disappeared.

WILD OAT the vocational calling flower

At a cross roads in life and being unsure as to which path to take. Lacking clear direction. Feeling bored or unsettled wanting a change but have no idea what. Jumping from one job or activity to another but not finding the right one. Constantly unconsciously end up in situations that are unsatisfactory. Constantly needing new challenges because boredom sets in quickly. Unwilling to commit to a goal by believing it may be too restrictive. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Wild Oat will help one recognize and respond to your unique true life calling. Enjoying work from an inner sense of purpose. Allowing one to find the common thread which unifies the skills for any given vocation. Live life with purpose, depth and joy.

WILD ROSE the zest for life flower

Surrendering to the ‘struggle’ of life making no effort to change for a better way to live. Being resigned to unpleasant situations; illness, monotonous life, boring work or unhappy relationships. Accepting the situation, then creating many layers of insulation against the reason for optimism. Lacking energy and ambition to improve. Long drawn out illnesses that take a long slow recovery. Unmotivated and uninterested in the world or others, which depletes one’s vital energy. POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Wild Rose will restore vital energy gaining a lively interest in life, work and play. Life becomes exciting and purposeful. An inner freedom will awaken your Soul to all the possibilities of living life.

WILLOW the destiny flower

POSITIVE POTENTIAL of Willow will heal the bitterness and resentment, restoring your resilience to take responsibility of your own life experiences. With greater resilience when challenges or problems arise you will be able to use your spring like disposition to move graciously through life. You will have forgiveness for past injustices enabling you to attract positive circumstances and relationships. The victim mentality will dissolve being replaced by optimism and constructive know how.