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Dr Edward Bach’s Philosophy

Dr Edward Bach was born in England in 1886.  He was a London medical doctor specializing in both bacteriology and immunology.  He searched for better ways to administer vaccines, he used tiny amounts of bacteria which benefited his patients more effectively than injections.  He was given Dr Hahnemann’s book on Homeopathy.  Some of his discoveries of intestinal bacteria nosodes are still used today in Homeopathy.  Further he found patients with different intestinal bacteria displayed specific temperaments and personalities.  This lead him on to discover how personalities (mood, behavior, states of mind) played a significant role in the recovery of disease.  Two patients with the same illness or injury never healed at the same rate, the variation came down to the personality and mood type.

Dr Bach was a pioneer in discovering the link between emotional disharmony and illness.  With his knowledge of Homeopathy he searched for a natural way to address the disharmony between the mind and soul.  He discovered that flowers offered high vibrational medicine to bring about a natural and gentle healing raising one’s vibration to release unwanted negative states of mind.  By 1936 Dr Bach had completed his medical healing system of 38 Bach Flower Essences to heal the disharmony of mind and soul.

“Melt disease like snow in the sunshine” shows us how we can eliminate dis-ease by addressing our emotional-mental wellness first.  Dr Bach