Tidy house, Tidy mind!

Environment Declutter Designs by Alison & Honeysuckle

Do you need help in decluttering your house, office, garden or garage?  

Tackling cluttered spaces can feel incredibly overwhelming by yourself.  Both the emotional and physical burden of clutter will drain your energy.  Being a naturopath I know too well how the physical environment can impact on health and wellbeing.

I respectfully, with compassion, help you sort, clear, clean and organise every step of the way.  Most things can be sorted into; Treasures, Sell, Charity, Recycle and Bin. You will find long lost items.  Soon you will be admiring YOUR TRANSFORMED NEW SPACE uplifting your own energy and vitality.

Be inspired with your clutter-free space to create your next chapter in life.


For Sept-Nov – $149 (4 hours)

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Modern day living can be stressful. With long working hours, commuting vast distances to work, running children to school and their endless list of extra-curricular activities, shopping, cooking meals, exercising, social activities and attending to all the extra things that come up in daily life. It’s hard to fit it all in! 

We can help you declutter and organise the chaos – giving you precious time to relax or be with your family or friends.