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“Health problems often have their origins in the mind. Feelings that have been persistently repressed emerge first as mental conflicts and later as physical illness”. Mechthild Scheffer

Mind, Body + Soul Consultations

Naturopathy looks holistically at the mind, body, soul and environment for healing. Biomedical science has separated the mind and soul from the body to master with its’ technology.

The link between stress and dis-ease is a given fact but it may be well hidden or suppressed for many years. As an intuitive naturopath I first look for the source of dis-harmony rather than only band-aiding the symptoms.

For the Mind and Soul to be in harmony, heart health and happiness is key. For the Body we explore physical health, fitness and nutrition. Being a naturopath for over 10 years and a fitness trainer for 37 years, I have a wealth of experience to support your health, happiness and fitness goals.

Naturopath Initial Consult $95 (1hr) Followups $75 (30min)