I’m passionate about emotional happiness, physical health, spiritual awareness and family wellbeing. 

My wellness philosophy

I’m passionate about emotional happiness, physical health, spiritual awareness and family wellbeing.  Over the many decades I have always been drawn to natural medicine for family health.  I wear many hats; Mother, Naturopath, Fitness Trainer, Writer and Tarot Reader.  I have found that by listening to your inner wisdom you will follow your true path.  There are no perfect diets or perfect exercise routines that one size fits all, be guided by your heart and uniqueness.  You may have to slow down and be still to hear your inner wisdom speaking to you.

My life experiences have shown me that without mental wellness and soul purpose we are at risk of developing significant diseases or succumbing to injuries.  By listening to our higher self (heart) we can make decisions for our happiness which in turn will reflect our level of health.  The analogy of the ‘feather, brick, bus’, is how the universe will try to wake us up if we are not listening to our heart’s desires.  The feather being a gentle nudge, the brick being a big shove and the bus is likened to a major accident or disease diagnosis sent from universal energy to get you back on to your rightful soul path.  Listening to our hearts about the people we live with, our friendships, the work we do, the food we choose to eat, the amount of sleep we need, the exercise and fun we create in our lives is how we know if we are living well or not.

“Disease and disability labels are barriers, listen to your heart’s needs then the labels will fall off”

Bach Flower Essences,
my experience

The Bach Flower Essences are a gentle and safe way to relieve unwanted burdensome mental stress.  Negative emotional patterns can hinder our progress in life, holding us back from reaching our full potential.  Once our mind is at peace our bodies can then start to heal fully, enabling a joyful life experience.

My first experience with the Bach Flower Essences, I was on a working holiday for two years in England but very homesick for Australia.  I was in attendance of a Bach Flower Essence course when I was advised to take the essence ‘honeysuckle’ overnight.  I found the following day when a fellow student asked me where I was from, my usual response would have come with a heavy emotional feeling of homesickness.  To my amazement I was able to answer the question with no feelings of sadness.  My emotional baggage was lifted feeling detached from my usual heavy response.  This was a huge turning point for me. 

As a naturopath I always touch base with emotional wellness firstly before any possible changes can take place for improving diet, exercise or lifestyle. 

I continue to see many dark clouds lift from my clients over the many years of working with the Bach Flower Essences.