Pets have emotions, just like humans.

Pet Healthcare

Your fur babies live within the energy fields of the family unit.   It is quite normal for a pet to take on or feel any family dis-harmony or change in environment.  For example; a move of house or an addition to the family (or a loss) is a big adjustment to your pet too.  The Bach Flower Essences are a gentle way to support your pet’s wellness in these challenging times.

Some typical uses:

CRAB APPLE for excessive grooming, skin infections.
CLEMATIS for excessive sleeping.
CHERRY PLUM for incontinence or urinates when excited.
CHICORY for neediness may be manipulative.
HEATHER for excessive barking, wants to be heard, attention.
HORNBEAM for boredom, loneliness.
MIMULUS for abused dogs or fears of a known cause.
VERVAIN for over-enthusiasm or restlessness.
WALNUT for moving house or changing owners.

I love working with pets, their personalities often mirror their owners in some wonderful way.

Our pet dog, Oscar, is my ‘angel’, always wants to be by my side, loves going to the beach, bushwalking and gardening. He is a mixed breed of staffy-border collie, really intelligent and loves to play games with his squeaky toys. Oscar is in most of my wilderness photos, as it’s usually just the two of us out and about.

Pet Remedies $35 (includes consultation in person or by phone)