BABY SHOWER wellness gift set


The Baby Shower Gift Set is the most beautiful wellness package for the expecting mum or immediately after birth.



The kindest gift for any new mum or mum-to-be is a health and wellness package that includes the following 3 items:


AMAZON NO.1 BEST SELLING BOOK for women’s health-pregnancy-birth, The MUMFIT Book.  It was written by a well seasoned personal trainer and naturopath, Alison Simpson.  You will find over 300 pages of self-love inspiration covering nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, safe exercise, parenting insights and emotional wellness.  This all encompasses the magical 3 easy steps to maintaining your sanity for a happy motherhood experience.


POST NATAL LOVE blend of Bach Flower Essences allows a woman to recover from her pregnancy and birth with emotional clarity and inner strength for her motherhood journey ahead.


BABY T-SHIRT (size 0 or 00) a training t-shirt for baby to wear with mummy during her exercise routines ‘my mum is a mumfit mummy’.

*includes Gift Wrapping in blue, pink or lemon.  Please comment your preference upon purchasing.

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