The MUM-Fit Book 3 Easy Steps to Healthy Mummy


“A happy fit mother is essential to the wellbeing of her family”

Only then will a mother have the energy, patience, love and focus to care for her family with joy.    This book highlights 3 achievable steps to improving a mother’s nutrition, fitness and mindset by learning how to be proactive in your self loving journey of motherhood.  Alison is a well seasoned naturopath personal trainer with over 20 years experience of motherhood, now being a motherhood mentor and health educator.  The MUMFIT Book is a beautiful gift to any young or old mum.



Over the last 20 years my motherhood journey has been a steep learning curve about the importance of keeping healthy as a mum.  I found that only when I’m fit, happy and eating healthy, I can attend to the needs of my family with energy, focus, patience and love.  On the few occasions when I’ve been ill, my motherhood experience becomes traumatic, and I’m unable to cope with the smallest of nuturing motherhood tasks.  Sadly, our little ones then feel the brunt of our physical or mental sadness, as our nuturing tasks have become grumpy, exhausted or impatient.

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 35 years, being witness to the many fitness and diet fads since the 1980s.  My husband always worked away so learning to do everything without physical or emotional support was tough, especially the early years with my young sons.  Since becoming a Naturopath 8 years ago I have further added to my toolbox of how to stay well throughout motherhood.

The MUMfit BOOK is my personal story of how I survived (or didn’t at times) my motherhood responsibilities.  MUMfit covers your mental mind-set, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine, physical fitness plans, body awareness, parenting tips, self-love action steps and much more.  The book is written with much love, respect and empowerment for you to step into your role as a mother who leads her family by example.  You will learn how easy it is to become the mother you want to be for your families’ well-being.  The MUMFit BOOK is a beautiful gift for mums-to-be and new mums.

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