Workshop: 2.5 hours

Natural Healing 4 home use with the Bach Flower Essences

An introduction to Dr Edward Bach’s 38 Flower Essences’ natural health system, that has stood the test of time for over 90 years healing adults, children, babies and pets.

You will learn about the unique healing qualities of each flower essence and how they can re-calibrate your natural healing system by raising your bodies’ vibrational frequencies.

Have you been suffering with ongoing pain either mentally or physically that you just can’t seem to shift? Then this workshop may just be the door you need to open, into the world of self-healing and self-understanding with the Bach Flower Essences. As our planet and humanity evolves at a rapid pace, it’s good to know how to care for yourself and your family ‘naturally’.

This workshop will empower you to support the health and happiness of every family member, including your fur-babies. Yes, pets are highly responsive to this gentle energetic medicine.

You will be making your own Bach Flower Essence remedy mix to take home and start fresh with the new you.

Wellness investment $80 
(includes your personal Remedy Mix and light refreshments).

NEXT WORKSHOP:  Saturday 14th August 2021 at 2pm-4.30pm.



Conditions apply : Minimum 4 guests, host is FREE 🙂